What causes people to make vague decisions?

What causes people to make vague decisions?

One study shows that the human brain is often emotional and illogical when forced to make decisions based on little or even conflicting information or evidence.

This type of choice is called an ambiguous decision and it is not the same as a risky decision.

  In adventurous decisions, one does not expect that the choice will lead to a certain result, but knows that there is a possibility of success.

In a vague decision, one has no idea about two points.

  Calin Economist, chief researcher Colin?

“The psychologist says that vague decisions can be disturbed because a person knows they don’t know something but wants to know it.

“In the experiment, the researchers used a functional magnetic resonance imaging device to scan the subject’s brain.

  The researchers provided breakthrough cards to the subjects. One group was “adventure” cards with 20 red and 20 black cards, and the other group was “ambiguous” cards that did not know the color of the cards.Bet on a red card.

  In most cases, the subject will choose the adventure card.

However, logically, the two bets are similar, because in both cases, the first red card draw may be 50%.

  Brain scans show that vague bets are often accompanied by activation of the amygdala and the base of the prefrontal region.

These are the two areas of the brain responsible for processing emotions.

  From an evolutionary perspective, Carmel said that the connection between discussing vague decisions and the activation of emotional regions of the brain is cumulative.

“Staying in front of danger is an ancient, emotional response.

“As a result of human evolution, this response became unwilling to bet on things that seemed vague.

This discovery may help scientists understand how people make decisions in the real world, because people often make choices based on very limited information.

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