Rules of love and life

Rules of love and life

Whether single, married, or somewhere in between, we can start using simplified methods so that we will become better and more enlightened people.

We can be loved.

  Treat your companions with love without fear.

When you are calm and pay attention to your fears, you can make adjustments.

We often feel indignant or angry, but when we look closely, we find that we are really scared.

Once we preview our companions for their kindness instead of focusing on their “sin”, we will find it easier for them to accelerate their transition from blame and worry to accepting harmony.

  Being willing to forgive you and your partners and making changes when needed is the key to a lasting friendship.

We are all human beings and we all make mistakes.

However, when we are stubborn, it erodes our tranquility and peace.

If you are unwilling to forgive, you may ask yourself if you are too conceited.

Do you want to continue living in unsolved problems?

  When we stand on a certain position and are unwilling to give up something, we can always find evidence to prove that we are right.

Or we can make peace.

Instead of blame or excuses, we can write it off and move forward.

  Learn to relax during difficult times; assuming “this will pass soon”, let you get through the hard times.

If you know something is sustainable, you can face them freely.

The problem gets worse when we get deeper and deeper and try to solve it.

Relax when you encounter difficulties, and stay flexible and open with inspiration and insight.

  See the dynamics of your emotions and learn how to react so you know what is most important.

Sometimes we get lost in our daily interactions and forget our inner desires.

The best way to understand what we need to do is to observe ourselves and our role in the relationship.

Every time you correct your urge to make distance, not intimacy, you can make adjustments and rebuild the old.

  In all relationships, we know ourselves by interacting with our partners.

  When you don’t know how to deal with a problem, ask others for help and contemplation.

Ask for help and reflection from others to bring your limited strength together and become stronger.

We are responsible for our comments and actions and are willing to overcome obstacles.

We need to understand dedication and forgiveness.

When asking for others, we find help and guidance. Through meditation, we sort out the clues and make the answers very clear.

By giving up, we create an open and unimaginable environment where God can do wonders.

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