Newborns need to add sugar or milk?

Newborns need to add sugar or milk?

After the baby is born, breast milk does not urinate until 12 hours or even 3 days later, and some colostrums are still rare.

Because of the fear that the baby will be hungry before breast milk arrives, in the past, folks used to feed the baby some sugar water, glucose water or replace milk to relieve the baby’s crying.

  Whether newborns need to add sugar or milk, experts have found that this practice is not necessary at all, and it also has consequences that are not conducive to the smooth development of breast milk in the future.

  The fetus uses the umbilical cord in the mother’s womb to draw nutrition from the mother.

After the baby is born, it is necessary to change from the umbilical cord to obtain food through its own digestive tract, digest food, and absorb nutrients. This transition becomes a process. Once or twice, a newborn baby will not be hungry and will not have any food.Any discomfort and occasional crying may be uncomfortable with wet urine.

Besides, the baby at this time is still about the same as the habit in the mother’s belly, and sleeps most of the day.

So the mother does not have to worry about the baby being hungry.

  After breast milk is urinated, no matter how much, whether thick or light, it is generally enough to meet the baby’s initial nutritional needs.

Colostrum is precious and enough to feed the baby without having to feed anything else.

  The disadvantages of adding sugar water, glucose water or milk are as follows: 1. The taste of sugar water, glucose water or milk changes breast milk, and preconceived causes the baby to dislike the taste of breast milk in the future, and even refuses to accept breast milk.failure.

  2, feeding complementary foods such as sugar water often need to use a bottle, which will make the baby unaccustomed to suck the mother’s nipples in the future, the difficulty of sucking or the formation of poor sucking style, making breast milk difficult.

  3. Mother’s colostrum is very beneficial to the newborn, especially it helps to improve the disease resistance of the newborn. The initial feeding of sugar water, milk, etc. caused the baby to miss breast milk for a long time or not suck breast milk, thus losing the natural supply.The first barrier to disease and the first most nutritious meal.

  So mothers and babies must remember that they should never give their newborns supplements such as sugar, glucose or milk.

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