[How to make potato shredded soup]_ potato shredded soup _ how to make _ how to make

[How to make potato shredded soup]_ potato shredded soup _ how to make _ how to make

Potatoes are potatoes. Potatoes are the most common ingredient throughout the year. Potatoes are rich in nutritional value and can be eaten in a variety of ways. You can add fried potatoes, stewed potatoes, mashed potatoes, and so on. Potato soup is also very good.This dish is simple but delicious.

Potato It looks so simple, bland, plain, and even a little “ugly”. She is like a “Cinderella” in a gorgeous dress without other vegetables, but it is indeed quite “strong” and “pure”.!!

Method: 1. First prepare a potato, scrape it, wash it, and set it aside; 2. Scrape the potato and shred it and set aside; 3. Cut the onion ginger and garlic and set aside; 4. Onion ginger and garlicBoil the pan, then add potato shreds and stir fry for a while; 5, then add cold water, and add the appropriate amount of salt, old soy sauce, thirteen incense and other ordinary condiments, just boil; 6. It is time to get out of the pot, put some green onions appropriately, Coriander’s just fine.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the potato “sexual and flat taste is sweet and non-toxic, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, improve qi and tone, relieve pain and relieve pain, and pass stool.

It is effective for patients with weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, upset stomach, abdominal pain, and poor stools. ”

Modern research proves that potatoes have special effects on mediating indigestion, and are good medicines and high-quality health products for patients with stomach and heart disease.

Potatoes are nutritious and one of the anti-aging foods.

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