Babies burned, do n’t mess with vinegar

Babies burned, do n’t mess with vinegar

The main causes of children’s burns are incomplete intellectual development, uncoordinated movements, poor balance ability, lively movement and easy injuries, but also the main cause of parental negligence.

For example, parents are used to pouring hot water into the bathtub first, and the child accidentally falls into the hot water. In families that use a stove to heat, children love to carry fire hooks, shovels, and burn uncooled coals.Small, but deep wounds, high disability rate; there are also some hot containers, such as thermos, kettle, liquid in the soup pot will also burn the child; In addition, some children will be injured by setting off firecrackers, and 8-10There are many elementary and middle school students aged.

  Early rescue of children with burns is important.

Parents should keep calm, blisters immediately after burns and obvious pain, it is a mild burn, immediately soak or rinse the wound with cold or ice water for half an hour to one hour, and then slow down the clothes if you feel it is not painfulTake off slowly, cover the wound with a clean cloth, bandage it and take it to the hospital.

Early cold water treatment has great benefits for wound healing. First, it can reduce pain; second, it can reduce edema and deep tissue damage caused by residual heat; and third, it can reduce toxic substances in the wound.

  ”If the burn area is large and deep, treatment with cold water may aggravate systemic reactions and should be immediately sent to the hospital for rescue.

“If the burns are on the face, head, perineum, etc., in addition to emergency treatment with cold water, you can also drink light flour to the injured person to replenish blood volume and reduce the degree of shock.

Never apply soy sauce, vinegar, alkali, toothpaste, or purple potion to the wounded area. This will not only prevent the injury, but also continue to stimulate the wound and deepen the injury.

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