The spleen and stomach are good, you can see it when you touch it!

3 small ways to raise the spleen and stomach, natural blood!

The spleen and stomach are good, you can see it when you touch it!
3 small ways to raise the spleen and stomach, natural blood!

We see that a person’s body is healthy and unhealthy. He can’t just look at the part of his body that is particularly good, but also the weakest part of his body. The best way to regulate this part is to tonify the blood.

Therefore, Chinese medicine says: blood is the mother of Qi, Qi is the handsome of blood; blood and blood balance, long life.

So, how do we judge our own temperament?

Fat people qi, thin people do not have enough blood, then fat is the power of people, qi and foot can excrete the aunt’s garbage in the body.

If the gas is insufficient, the excretion is not smooth, and occasionally it will accumulate on the stomach; accumulation in the blood vessels will cause arteriosclerosis; accumulation in the liver will cause mild liver.

姨 is the garbage that has not been digested by the gas!

Why do many people become obese when they reach middle age?

It is because “qi” is less than when young, there is no way to metabolize trace amounts, and the essence of lack of gas is lack of gas, that is, the function of the spleen and stomach is not good, and the problem is transported.

Insufficient blood, the lack of blood and yin deficiency, the yin deficiency will be prosperous, the fire will quickly metabolize the body’s feces, and will also consume some normal nutrients.

Therefore, whether it is fat or thin, qi or blood, the most fundamental is actually spleen!

Spleen and stomach are empty?

Look at the hand, look at the eye, look at the tongue 1, look at the index finger, the index finger reflects the entire spleen and stomach function, if the index finger has bending deformation, the root has a sore feeling that your digestive system function has obstacles.

In particular, there are hard blocks, nodules, and discoloration at the joints of the index finger at the Shangyang Point and the Qiantou Point. Both indicate that the spleen and stomach are weak and weak, and the two points can be pressed more often, which has health care effects.

In addition to looking at the index finger, you should put ten fingers together to see if there is a gap between the fingers. If the gap at the root of the finger is too large, it is said that someone is missing the money. The person who has this kind of hand has 90% of the spleen and stomach.not good.

2, look at the eye Chinese medicine to see if a person’s spleen and stomach is weak, can be judged by the lower eyelids of the eyes whether there is edema, which is commonly known as the “big eye bags.”

If the eye bags are always edema, it means that the spleen and stomach are weak. To completely eliminate the bags under the eyes, you must first replenish the spleen and stomach. After the spleen and stomach are strong, the transportation will have strength, the body’s water and moisture will gradually decrease, and the bags will gradually become smaller or even disappear.
3, look at the tongue through the tongue to determine whether the spleen and stomach is weak, has a high accuracy, the tongue of the spleen and stomach is usually the following characteristics: first, the size of the tongue is relatively fat; second, there are depressions on both sides of the tongueThird, a deep groove in the middle of the tongue surface; fourth, there is a crack on the surface of the tongue; fifth, the tongue is thick and greasy, or yellow.

3 small methods, raising the spleen and stomach spleen for the day after tomorrow, for the spleen and stomach problems, “three points by the rule, seven points to support”, Yang Shengjun recommended several simple ways to raise the spleen and stomach.

1, the abdominal abdomen is a part of the six sputum, its common physiological function is the acceptance, digestion, absorption and excretion of the diet, do abdomen health care, can strengthen the digestive system function, prevent obesity, high blood pressure and so on.

Practice: first rub your hands, then overlap your hands, insert the abdomen, use the palm of your hand around the umbilical clockwise direction, from small to large for 36 weeks, then counterclockwise from large to small around the umbilical for 36 weeks, increase the gastrointestinalPeristalsis, qi stagnation, enhanced digestive function and intravenous disease.

2, lift the anus to lift the anus, tighten the muscles of the anus when inhaling, hold the gas, keep it for a few seconds, until you can’t stand it, then exhale and relax.

Whenever you can practice, it is best to do 20 each morning and evening?
30 times, you can adjust the five internal organs, which helps a good longevity effect.

3, tonic spleen and stomach: Bazhen cake special spleen and stomach eight treasure cake, is a traditional Chinese pastry, but in fact it is a way to regulate the spleen and stomach.

This recipe was originally developed by the Ming Dynasty doctor Chen Shigong to the princes to raise the spleen and stomach.

However, it was a big radiance, but it was in the Qing Dynasty. The royal doctors dedicated it to Emperor Qianlong. Later, it was Cixi. They all became fans of Bazhen cake. Most of them were eaten in the middle of the life, so they are now called Qing Palace Bazhen cake.

Listening to this name, as the name implies, it is made of eight kinds of materials:[Material]Codonopsis (going reed) 60 grams, 60 grams of radix, 60 grams of white atractylodes, 60 grams of white lentils, 60 grams of lotus seeds, 60 grams of raw glutinous rice 60 grams of raw yam, 60 grams of medlar, 3 months before the rice noodles, 3 kilograms of glutinous rice noodles, sugar 2.

4 thousand.

If you want the finished product, you can click the link → Product Details If the user usually has dry stools, the white lentils will be removed and replaced with almonds, because the almonds have the function of opening the lungs and passing the large intestine.

[Practice]Eight kinds of materials are powdered, mixed with noodles, and steamed into cakes.

Cut into 15 grams or so, eat one at a time, eat twice a day.

Dr. Luo Dalun, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner, introduced Bazhen cakes in the “Hundred Lectures”: Bazhen cakes have more materials. It is not very easy to do. It is not convenient for friends who make them. You can click “Learn more” to buy them.

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