[Is Rotten Ginger Poisonous]_Affect_Danger

[Is Rotten Ginger Poisonous]_Affect_Danger

Ginger is a seasoning used in cooking. It tastes unique and has many benefits to the human body. Ginger can warm the stomach and enhance the body’s resistance. It can also be used to treat colds. If ginger is bought, it is not stored well.There may be a rotten situation. At this time, some people wonder whether ginger can be eaten if it is rotten. They are worried that rotten ginger will be poisonous. Is rotten ginger poisonous?

Let ‘s take a look next.

First, do n’t eat it when it ‘s rotten. Many people think that the food is rotten and cut away the rotten portion before eating. In fact, this method is wrong. Even if a lot of food is rotten, the whole food is already contaminated.It is no exception, and more serious is that ginger has rotten double mold, and it will produce a very toxic substance, which is very harmful to human liver.

Second, it may be stored in a dry place. Many people say that it ‘s okay to eat rotten ginger. That ‘s because you eat a small amount, so there are no obvious symptoms, but the toxins produced by ginger have already entered your body., How much will have some impact on the body.

Ginger should be stored in a dry place. Generally, ginger is easy to rot in a short environment, so if there is more ginger, you can take it out and dry it.


A warm reminder that ginger can remove fishy odor, and the effect of improving taste is also good. The most important is that the health effect is particularly good, especially in summer, you should eat it often.

Nowadays most people can’t do without air conditioners, so they can eat ginger to drive off the cold.

Here we need to remind everyone that the best time to eat ginger is in the morning, and it is best not to eat it in the evening. Eating ginger at night is harmful to the body.


Ginger Precautions Ginger also has an effect on stomach and appetite.

When the climate is hot, the secretion of saliva and gastric juice will be reduced, which will affect people’s appetite. If you eat a few slices of ginger while eating, you can increase your appetite.

There are many ways to eat ginger. For example, drink ginger soup, eat ginger porridge, stir-fry ginger, stew meat, fried fish with ginger slices, make flat food, and add ground ginger when filling dumplings. It can make the taste delicious.Helps refresh the stomach and open the spleen, refreshes, promotes appetite, helps digestion, and helps the stomach absorb nutrients.

However, since ginger has pharmacological effects, it should pay attention to some of its usage and contraindications. The following issues should be noted: 1.

Don’t peel.

Some people eat ginger and like to peel it, so they can’t give full effect to ginger.

Fresh ginger can be shredded and sliced after washing.


Those with yin deficiency, fire, red eyes and internal fever, or who suffer from carbuncle sore, pneumonia, pulmonary abscess, tuberculosis, gastric ulcer, cholecystitis, pyelonephritis, diabetes, hemorrhoids, should not consume ginger for a long time.


From the perspective of treating diseases, ginger brown sugar water is only suitable for patients with colds and colds and fever after being exposed to rain. It cannot be used for patients with hot or cold, or for treating heat stroke.

Taking fresh ginger juice can cure vomiting caused by cold, but it is not suitable for other types of vomiting.


Don’t eat rotten ginger.

Rotten ginger will produce a very toxic substance, degeneration and necrosis of recombinant liver cells, and induce liver cancer, esophageal cancer and so on.

That “rotten ginger doesn’t smell bad” narrative is unscientific.


Eating ginger is not good.

Summer is hot, people are prone to dry mouth, thirst, sore throat, sweating, ginger, Xin Wen, is a hot food, according to the “hot people cold” principle, should not eat more.

Just a few slices of ginger when cooking or soup.

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