Communication between husband and wife should be silent


Communication between husband and wife should be silent

We often use “gentleman to speak” to remind people to exercise restraint. In fact, this sentence is used at most half of the time in the relationship between husband and wife.

Recently, studies by American psychologists have found that when conflicts occur between husbands and wives, it is difficult to achieve the desired results by simply using language communication; if someone uses body language, they will be easily solved.

But it is surprisingly regrettable that in real life, and couples do not learn to use body language effectively to achieve good communication.

  Zhang Huan and his wife have been married for 15 years. Over the past 15 years, they have spent almost all their marriage wars.

Not long ago, the two got into trouble again.

The cause of the conflict was: Zhang Ye went to Guangzhou for a business trip for half a month, during which he only called his wife once.

After returning home, his wife asked him why he was so indifferent.

Zhang Huan kept explaining how hard the trip was, but his wife ignored it.

So Zhang Huan began to say “Understand Long Lives”.

However, the more he said, the more angry his wife was.

Finally there was a big noise.

After the quarrel, Zhang Ye proposed a divorce.

  Of course, Zhang Jian’s wife is not an unreasonable woman, but it is precisely because Zhang Jian talks too much about things she doesn’t understand.

Studies by American psychologists have found that almost all women do not like their husbands to reason with them, and even prefer their husbands to express their love with body language.

For example, when Zhang Ye’s wife constantly overcomes Zhang Ye’s indifference to her, Zhang Ye just steps forward and hugs her tightly, and his wife’s resentment disappears immediately.

Why is a hug so amazing?

Psychologists have found that most women’s brains have the characteristics of the right brain advantage, and it is this characteristic that determines that they prefer to perceive things rather than use logical rationality to understand things.

In other words, it’s best for a husband to use a hug and affectionate touch to convey this clear message to his wife: Don’t you say I’m indifferent?

You see, how passionate I was at that time!

Therefore, psychologists claim that when they communicate with their wives, their husbands close their mouths, twist their hands, use body language to convey feelings, and resolve contradictions.

  So, for a wife, should she also be silent about her husband?

Psychologists believe that the principle of do not speak also applies to women.

However, when women use actions to express a certain love, they also need to use clear and unambiguous language to make clear what they want to express.

And most women often like to express their opinions to their husbands in indirect or even vague language. They do not understand that most men are left-brained. Their intuitive ability is often poor, so it is easier to accept clear and correct language.

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