[Pregnant women eat cherry pits]_Pregnancy period_Impact

[Pregnant women eat cherry pits]_Pregnancy period_Impact

Of course, cherry pits are accidentally eaten into the stomach, so don’t worry too much, there won’t be too many problems.

Pregnant women need to pay special attention to eating, try to eat slowly, not too fast.

And eat more nutritious vegetables and fruits, do not eat indiscriminately.

Pay attention to balanced nutrition, pay special attention to drink plenty of water, it may be excreted through feces, so don’t worry about having a baby.

If it is not inappropriate, it is generally not affected. In the future, you should pay attention to eating a balanced diet during pregnancy and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Then you must pay attention to safety when eating later.

Suggestions: The cherry core can be excreted through stool, so you don’t have to worry too much.

Coarse food can enhance your baby’s gastrointestinal function and promote excretion.

I accidentally swallowed the cherry core, but the cherry husk has no effect on your health. Generally, it can be excreted, and it is impossible to enter the child.

Suggestions: There is nothing wrong with the situation you said, don’t think about it.

To supplement nutrition properly, eat more foods that are supplemented with protein and vitamins, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fresh fish, eggs, milk or soy products.

This is okay, as usual, he will excrete naturally, don’t worry.

Cherry pits are originally edible. They have the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and are beneficial to the human body.

Some people just eat the whole cherry, which can be digested or excreted without affecting the baby.

Cherry kernels are eaten into the stomach, there is no need to panic, the seeds will not germinate in the stomach, and they will be discharged into feces for the following reasons: cherry kernels are hard, and the human digestive tract cannot destroy its structure, nor can it prevent its germination.
Even if the seed nucleus is damaged, gastric acid can destroy the seed’s activity.

After eating food, it usually stays in the human digestive tract for 6?
12 hours, such a short time, is not enough for seed germination.

The seeds have a certain dormant time. When the fruit is mature, most of the seeds are in dormant state and will not germinate immediately.

Pregnant women have eaten cherry seeds, right? Don’t worry about the cherry nucleus is relatively small, it should not have any effect on your stomach and baby’s development. Be careful when eating gradually.

Generally speaking, if it is too large, it will cause symptoms such as throat stabbing and abdominal pain. Generally, there will be nothing. Guidance: I recommend that you pay attention to rest first in the case of your child.Don’t worry about your child. Most of them can be excreted by observing the stool.

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