Always losing hair?

Or the method of shampooing is wrong

Always losing hair?
Or the method of shampooing is wrong

In order to have healthy hair, in addition to choosing a shampoo suitable for your own hair, the correct shampoo method is also important!

Many people think that washing their hair is a simple task. Every day, how can anyone not wash their hair?

Maybe you have washed your hair for so many years, and some wrong ways are slowly attacking your hair and scalp.

  But how to wash your hair correctly, there are a lot of knowledge, how to wash your hair healthly, it is closely related to the time, interval and method of washing.

And bad shampoo habits will make hair more and more fragile, remind you of these seven wrong ways of shampooing, pay attention to avoid it.

  1. Wipe the shampoo as soon as the hair gets wet. Many people use shampoo right after their hair gets wet.

The correct way is: rinse the hair with warm water for more than one minute before washing the shampoo, use water to remove some dirt on the head, and then use the shampoo.

  2. Washing the scalp without combing your hair is very important for hair.

Before washing your hair, first use a comb to comb your hair so that dirt and dust adhering to the scalp can float on the surface. Then you can wash your scalp and hair at the same time.

To avoid injury to the scalp, a wide-toothed, round-headed comb is recommended.

  3. Rub your scalp with your nails when washing your hair. Nails are where the body hides a lot of bacteria, but many people like to keep their long nails when washing their hair. It is easy to scratch the scalp and cause infection.

When washing your hair, it is best to use traditional Chinese medicine to massage your hair. Slowly washing your hair can still maintain your health.

  4. Hair conditioner is applied to the root of the hair. When the hair follicles are opened during shampooing, the hair conditioner is applied to the root of the hair. Chemicals in the hair leak easily and block the hair follicles, which may cause hair fall.

It is recommended to straighten the hair first, and wipe the tail of the hair along the tip of the ear, and do not let the conditioner touch the scalp.

  5. The conditioner does not rinse and care for the dark hair. Many people are paying attention now, and some people mistakenly believe that the conditioner may be left on the hair to protect the hair.

In fact, the residual hair cream easily mixes dust and sticks to the scalp, which can be caused by hair follicles and cause resonance.

Therefore, every time you wash your hair, you must wash the toiletries on your head.

  6. Wet your hair and go to sleep after washing your hair. Can you go to sleep?

In fact, at this time, the hair scales are open, and at this time, the hair is very fragile and not resistant to rubbing.

If you sleep while your hair is half wet and dry, it will cause the stratum corneum to become thinner and make your hair dry.

  7. After washing your hair, you need to protect yourself from the sun immediately after going out of your hair. Some studies have shown that the damage of ultraviolet rays on hair is more serious than that on the face!

Ultraviolet rays can make hair scales thin and peel off, and go out immediately after washing your hair. Ultraviolet rays can easily cause hair breakage and bifurcation.

If you go out, it is best to use an umbrella or a hat to prevent UV rays.

  Even if you are careful to avoid these 7 mistakes, your hair is still in a state of inattention. Maybe it is time to consider whether the hair dryer is the problem. In fact, the improper use of the hair dryer after shampooing can also cause hair damage.
  Excessive use of hair dryers Excessive use of hair dryers = excessive drying of hair “ The damage to hair will greatly increase!

  Blowing the hair dryer from the bottom up is also a precaution for using the hair dryer.

Blowing the hair dryer from the bottom up causes the hairlin sheet to open, which is the cause of hair dryness and will cause fluffy hair.

  So how do you use a hair dryer to dry your hair properly without harming your hair?

  It’s easier to blow your hair into different hairs. Think about how the hairdresser blows you in the salon?

First tie the upper layer of hair to the top of the head and blow the lower layer of hair dry.

Then release the wetness from the top of your head and blow dry one by one.

You can also do this when you are at home, otherwise you will find that the hair on the surface is very dry, but the hair roots are still very close.

  Blow the roots first. Do not blow the ends first. The water that penetrates the roots will make you useless.

Dry the hair root first, then blow the hair tips, or let the hair tips air dry naturally to minimize the damage of the hair dryer.

  Keep the hair dryer and scalp at a distance of about 15cm from the hair dryer to avoid touching the hair. Too close will cause hair damage.

  Hair dryer keeps moving One common mistake many people make is that the hair dryer is stationary when blowing an area, so it is easy to cause hair damage because the transfer is concentrated in one area.So, at the beginning, the hair dryer starts from the top of the head, one hand flicks the hair away, and the other moves the hair dryer.

  Do not blow the hair scales of the wet hair back. The hair scales are blown down in the direction of hair growth. If the hair scales are blown back, the scales will be stretched out.

  Choose a constant temperature hair dryer recommended by Smart Hair Beauty Cosmetology King S. It will maintain a certain temperature. If you continue to blow a part of the area and cause that part of the hair to become too hot, the hair dryer will light up red.

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