16 psychological balances for men and women

16 psychological balances for men and women

1. Men will make many friends when they are young, but women will have more friends after middle age.

  2. About 25% of men fall in love with each other on the first date, but only 15% of women fall in love with each other on the fourth date.

  3. Women make decisions faster than men.

  4, boys before entering school to middle school love to dominate others more than girls.

The longer you live in marriage as an adult, the more your wife becomes a dominated person.

  5. Men are often afraid that their loved ones will be killed or suicide, while women are often afraid that their loved ones will be accidentally killed or die of old age.

  6. Men like to work on the offensive, and take breaks, while women like to work at the same pace.

  7. Most surveys of adult pensions show that men and women love to play tricks with the same degree of rumors.

  8. Crime prevention research shows that women who resist when they encounter bad guys are 25% more likely than men.

  9. About 2/3 or 4/5 of alcoholics are men.

Only one out of ten husbands will live with a husband who engages in alcohol; but nine out of ten wives will continue to live with a husband who engages in alcohol.

  10. Fewer single men commit crimes than married men, and fewer single women commit crimes than married women.

  11. Married men who are legally happy to meet are almost double the single men.

But married women are more often unhappy than single women, with or without children.

  12. Expectations of miscarriage are mostly boys.

  13. About dreaming.

Men often dream of strangers in stranger environments, and they are usually related to violence. Even if they dream of women, they are mostly related to sex.

In dreams, women always dream of friends and relatives in the environment.

Women’s dreams are usually outdoors, and the atmosphere is mostly friendly, unless it is before menstruation, when women feel annoyed and nervous when dreaming.

  14. Women like to hide their deepest feelings, while men like to let each other know.

If you ask a man, “Where did you buy this bread?

“He will tell you; and when a woman asks this question, she usually asks back” Is there anything wrong? ”


The woman only took out the key to open the door, and the man had already taken it out.

When a woman strokes a match, she always draws out the match, but a man always enters it. Perhaps the woman is afraid of burning herself.


A German newspaper organized a quiz, installed a mirror in a store in Munich, and then observed the men and women who passed the mirror to see how they reacted.

In 8 hours of observation, a total of 1620 women passed the long mirror, 1/3 stopped to look briefly at themselves; and almost all the 600 men who passed the long mirror stopped to look at themselves, and most looked backAnd see if it gets noticed.

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