6-step massage method without injection to create a natural small V face_1

6-step massage method without injection to create a natural small V face

Is there really a way to lose face without an injection or surgery?

Of course, that’s massage.

Teacher Kevin shared with us 6 steps of thin face massage. As long as you persist, create a natural small V face with massage. It is not impossible.

  1. With your palm from top to bottom, step on your forehead for stretching exercises.

  This step is mainly to relax the facial skin. Remember to keep a good mood when massaging, this effect will definitely double.

  Tip: To correct the massage, wash your hands first, otherwise the bacteria on your hands will hurt the skin of your face through the pores, forming blackheads and even acne.

  2. Press your face from the outside with your thumb to tighten your wide face.

  This step will start to really lose weight.

Use your thumb to start from above your ears and gently press the facial skin all the way to the middle of the person. Repeatedly, you can effectively tighten the facial skin.

  3. Use your middle finger and ring finger to stop from the corner of your mouth to your chin and stretch your chin.

  In fact, in this step, the method and method are almost the same as the previous step, except that the previous step is followed by the “upper-level route”.

Use your middle and ring fingers to block from the corner of your mouth and end at the center of your chin.

Do not underestimate the small mouth corner to the chin area, whether it can finally achieve the effect of thin face, rely on it to test it.

  Well, after the above 3 steps, the large area massage of the face is over. The following 3 parts will start to focus on the prominent problems of the large face. Focus on the massage.

  4. Similarly, the ring finger of the middle finger blocks the cheekbones and stretches the cheekbones.

  Use your middle finger and ring finger to press the cheekbones without too much force.

Can be appropriate to do a small range of rolling movements, but the intensity and area can not be too large, otherwise it will pull the skin and make the skin fine lines.

  5. Insert the ring finger of the middle finger to the temple and stretch the position of “couple’s palace”, people will be more cheerful.

  This step can lift the skin around the eyes and insist on massage, which will prevent the corners of the eyes from sagging, making people look spirited and energetic.

  6, holding fists, contraction of the occlusal muscles to improve the “national character face”.

  The big cheek is actually caused by the over-developed occlus muscle, so if you want to lose your face, it is most important to massage the occlus muscle.

In this step, the strength of the fingers can no longer meet the needs. To use our arms to enter the battle, in fact, use two arms to clamp the face for two seconds. If you insist for a long time, the occlusal muscles will become smaller, so as to achieve a thin face.

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