Wei Xiaobao’s Reality OL Corresponding to Seven Wife

Wei Xiaobao’s Reality OL Corresponding to Seven Wife

Wei Xiaobao is the only protagonist in “Lu Ding Ji”. His seven wives are supporting roles, but the seven supporting roles are different.

I remember there was a cross talk once that some people could not help but think deeply: a man can join the army at the age of 18 to join the army to kill the enemy, but must be 22 to marry a wife and have a child, and start a family.

The reason is because a woman is more difficult to deal with than a group of enemies.

Dealing with enemies is simple, or victory or even defeat.

But it is very complicated for two strangers to live together.

Although I haven’t married, my girlfriend has.

Therefore, if you dare to talk nonsense, you should laugh.

  1. Ako Ako’s only capital as a woman is beauty.

Beauty can be said to be the biggest capital of a woman, and it is precisely this largest capital. Therefore, Ak has no wisdom at all, saying that beautiful women have no “brain”, which is not unreasonable. The world still regards men asLord, so a woman can have a pleasing face for a man is the biggest capital, at least it can survive, and in general it will be very good.

  In real life, what kind of woman is more like Akko?

At the beginning, I thought of female stars, especially those female stars who did not have too much acting skills and have become “vases” (Li Jiaxin who once played Akko, as follows), just play some modeled roles, you canLive a superior material life.

  However, this is a thing of the last century. Because the market previously demanded more than supply, it caused excessive investment in the market, but the current market is oversupplied.

So now the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, so female stars also need to maintain an extravagant material life through intrigue, and cheating with me, so Akko is not suitable for anyone.

  In reality, the most suitable people are on the university campus.

It is the so-called “school flower”, “department flower”, regardless of science and engineering, or the university of literature and history.

Beautiful girls are always a rare resource in the love market.

The university is known as a small society, but the theme of competition has shifted from the struggle for survival to fighting for love.

Therefore, the school flowers with thousands of pets can be said to be very similar to Akko. If they can be a little better in academic performance, it is even more envious.

  2. Su Quan Su Quan is very similar to some senior female executives in current enterprises. They have higher education, stronger ability, and of course, higher income and part.

The characteristics of women here are capable, and their ability to defeat male outstanding women in social competition is more outstanding (Lin Qingxia, who once played Su Quan, also played the undefeated East, which is considered to be undefeated in the modern society.Synonymous with female doctor, haha!


Most men need to look up to see Su Quan. This difference in position leads men to dare not approach Su Quan, which is due to the pride of men.

Therefore, “strong women” are generally very successful in their careers, but they are generally not emotionally smooth.

  3, Fang Yi Fang Yi is a typical “little woman” image, has a degree, but does not have much ambition. Although there are some petty bourgeois plots, but the real inner desire is the family, usually forced clerical work, or an office clerk.

Fang Yi’s standards for her husband are very strict, and they need to be carefully selected. Therefore, if her husband is a woman’s occupation, it is reflected in Fang Yi’s body. Because Fang Yi’s relationship at the social level is generally a more successful man, but it cannot beA man who is too successful will either come out of the wall or get involved in a third party after marriage (Liu Jialing, who once played Fang Yi, has a lot of scandals, but he is very eager to become a little woman.

It is said that she had repeatedly asked to marry Liang Chaowei, but because of her fear of marriage, she caused her to wander among the noble officials).

  4, Jianning and Mu Jianping in the real world mostly correspond to some girls.

It seems that there are two recognized types of only children.

  建宁属于“新新人类‘那部分的女孩子,对新奇事物总是乐此不疲,反叛心理很强,心气很高,又不能吃苦(正如“建宁”邱淑贞走捷径去拍我该死),听不Into the opinions of others, there is no right opinion.

  Mu Jianping is just the opposite. It belongs to the type of “good girl”. It is more obedient, docile, likes chasing stars, likes gadgets, and treats people with sincerity. It is easy to believe in people. Because of this personality, there will be some setbacks in life.Have a better ending (Mao Shunzhen, who was the favorite object of “brother”, is the shadow of a certain person. He once had a failed marriage, but now the husband and wife are in harmony and their career is smooth.)

  These two girls mainly appear in the middle school student group, there are too many in the university, and there are also those who have already participated in the work in the society, but they are hidden and not easy to detect.

Generally, families have good material conditions and their growth is relatively smooth.

  5, Shuanger is more difficult to find. Generally speaking, Shuanger is more liked by men, but women cause rickets.

  In today’s society, gender equality is overdone. Equality is right, but equality cannot eliminate gender differences.

It is estimated that if there is such a person living in the real world, everyone’s first reaction is probably surprised.

Although it is said that the gentleness of women no longer disappears, the gentleness now has too many material additional conditions, and it is already difficult to find a confidant who suffers from the same difficultiesStared in the eyes :), but unfortunately the boss later married as a merchant woman, and ended up doing nothing).

  6. Zeng Rou and Zeng Rou, who do n’t understand, are too ordinary. They have been very bland in the book, and have n’t seen any hidden meaning. They are just like ordinary people in reality.

  Since I do n’t have Lu Dingji, and my personal social experience and experience are limited, it ‘s a bit wishful thinking, please benevolent and benevolent, see the wisdom of the wise, please do not laugh at inappropriate places.

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