Bid farewell to bachelor how much courage you need

Bid farewell to bachelor how much courage you need

Love scene: Lend me a little courage to say goodbye to bachelors not only for women to see the money open, but also for men, so many older women are related to men’s economics.

  There are more female bachelors in the city. On the contrary, in the rural areas, the current situation of marriage and love is eager to find someone who legally sleeps in the city. There are more female bachelors than male bachelors.

The proportion of male bachelors in the countryside may be larger, but it is only related to the economic ties of male bachelors. If the peasant brothers can get rich early, let alone find a wife, there is no problem in finding anything.

Xun Shun firmly believed that poverty was the number one cause of male bachelors in rural areas.

There are many female bachelors in the city, and the reasons are more complicated. It is difficult to completely decompose the word “money”.

  Nowadays, the reason why more and more bachelors are in the city is not only related to the selection of material conditions, but also to the great changes in our social marriage concept.

The bachelor of this era is no longer the bachelor in the original sense.

From the perspective of marital status, it is a bachelor, but finding a personality to live with, also solves the loneliness and sexual needs.

  The cheap thing of modern bachelors is that in those days, men and women couldn’t sleep without marriage, because once they fell asleep before marriage, the lighter ones made people cumbersome, and the serious ones were punished by the units.

After being punished, gossip and gossip are endless, and the infamousness cannot be replaced in a lifetime, which can be described as costly.

Who dared that year?

Now, it is not news that the two unmarried cohabitants are living together.

  Since sexual hunger can be solved so easily, some bachelors even have money and he does not marry.

How tedious to get married, always under supervision and control.

In addition, he can leave his pants after leaving the bed after marriage, without having to think about chai oil and salt, coping with the other’s relatives and friends, and worrying about many things before and after going to bed. These are cheap.

  Singles, men and women are different. Singles do not believe in love or men. Most of the singles do not believe in marriage. They believe in love.

Some female bachelors can’t find a lover if they don’t get married, and some male bachelors simply don’t get married.

The market for female bachelors was very hot when they were young. I picked and looked at the men like junk stocks. When the old Zhu Huang market was weak, everyone looked at the blue chip stocks that men had missed. The opposite was true for male bachelors. When they were young, they were eager to look forward to it.Turning his girlfriend into a wife, his age is in line with the Vietnam bull market, and his grandfather has gone through thousands of sails before holding a thick economic shield, which is easy to seduce and seduce a woman.

  The female bachelor meets the right man to end the single plan in the first time, and the male bachelor meets the pleasant woman at the last moment and hesitates to marry.

Female bachelors generally cannot meet the male bachelors mentioned above. If a male bachelor gets married, he or she will also find a female bachelor’s sister or niece.

  Ending bachelors requires courage. There are more bachelors in the city. In addition to bachelors having a way to solve their sexual desires, and some people ‘s choice of spouse is becoming more and more marketable, and the distance between male and female bachelors in thinking about marriage, some people think that so many bachelors are also created by society.

  At present, the gap between the rich and the poor is huge. Too many people are worried about the future. Who dares to get married easily?

In particular, the population flow is very free, but the household registration management is rigid. The migrant workers wandering in other towns are not good enough to marry at the age of age. After marriage, they have to face the reality: even if you do n’t care if you have a Hukou, your baby always goes to school.Well, how much does it cost for a black baby without a local hukou to study?

  Thinking about this, do you still have the courage to get married?

Let’s just hit the bachelor. One person is full of the family and not hungry, the other person is asleep and the whole family is not awake. One salary is so good!

  Just not tired.

When it comes to Zhang Chaoyang’s realm, it is not too late to consider marriage.

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